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Automatic Lubrication Controller
  • Automatic Lubrication Controller
  • Product Name: Automatic Lubrication Controller
    Model Number: HY8318.16
    Brand Name: Huayang
    Executive Standard:
    Surfaced Process:
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Product specification



Parameter Size

Item No.
Parameter items
Input AC
Output AC
Detection pressure
Pressure contact
Oil level contact
Normal close
Normal open

Usage and characteristics

Huayang machinery accessories factory has newly launched DSQ-400 automatic lubrication controller. It puts into use single-chip microcomputer technology

which has powerful functions because of the use of built-in general line and single-chip microcomputer. The monitoring and controlling technology of the

program has enhanced its anti-interference ability and the status-monitoring ability of the pressure sensor which can visually display whether the pressure

sensor is on or off. It can adjust time interval of wide range; its working time prolongs 0-99 seconds within the range of 1-999 minutes. Digital-adjustable;

you just need slightly touch the switch and set the time; it runs precisely and reliably. The status of the sensor (normally open, normally closed) is monitored.

The time is adjustable. System pressure and the oil level of the tank are automatically detected. The controller automatically sends audible and visual alarm

when the pressure sensor or the oil level sensor is out of order.

Controller function buttons operation instruction

◇ Setting indicator light: it is under setting when the sub-light is on.

◇ Oil pump indicator light: it is pumping when the sub-light is on.

◇ Pressure sensor indicator light: the sub-light is on (normal open).

◇ Pressure sensor indicator light: the sub-light is off (normal close).

◇System pressure fault indicator: the system does not meet the rated pressure and needs

fault handling when the indicator is on constantly.

◇Oil level indicator: the tank is short of oil and needs refueling when the sub-light is on.

◇ Power switch: press once to turn on and press once more to turn off.

◇ Manual pump button: press the button to pump and release it to stop pumping.

◇ The button of reducing the pumping interval (or delaying pumping time).

◇ The button of increasing the pumping interval (or delaying pumping time).

◇Interval displaying: (001 to 999 minutes), delaying pumping time displaying (00 to 99 seconds).

Operation instruction example

All wire holders should be connected before the first operation and then turn on the power switch gently; when the yellow pump indicator lights

and normal close red indicator of the pressure sensor is on, the automatic pumping is being carried on; when the pressure normal close indicator

is off and the normal open green indicator of the pressure sensor is on, the system's lubrication work is finished

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