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Automatic Intermittent Lubrication Pump
  • Automatic Intermittent Lubrication Pump
  • Product Name: Automatic Intermittent Lubrication Pump
    Model Number: HY8318.2
    Brand Name: Huayang
    Executive Standard:
    Surfaced Process:
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Product specification


Usage and characteristics

◇ This pump adopts machinery intermittent mechanism with AC220V miniature synchronous motor independent power supply.

◇Drive the different speed ratio gear to slow down, fixed the cycle between the oil supply and interm ittent time.

◇The manual tie bar can adjust the oil mass, also can supply the oil by hand when debugging.

◇ It is easy operation and reliable performance. A correct demand for fixed-quantity lubrication to lubrication point, it can be equipped to use together with products of this series D1, D2 (HAS, HJB MODEL) measurement device and TL type joint.

◇ The main oil pipe for supply system can be reached by 6m length and 3m height.

◇Available for lubrication point, assign oil to each lubrication points according to the total amount of the oil pump output.

◇ Types of lubricants: N22# ~ 68# machine oil.

Technical parameter

ModelParameter items
Nominal pressure

Nominal displacement


Tank capacityOil feed intermittentSynchronous machine parameters
电压 V
功率 W
频率 Hz
转速 r/min
3~6ML/ 次


 Profile and installation dimensions

Main dimensions

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